A sophisticated concept with optimal substrate composition, adapted to regional conditions and customer requirements, is what we regard as the basis for any biogas project. Choosing the best process technology, from both a technical and economical point of view, depends largely on the input material. Krieg & Fischer has extensive experience with one-stage, two-stage and multi-stage, mesophilic and thermophilic wet and dry fermentation biogas plants. We know how to evaluate the various substrates coorectly - all kinds of liquid manure (animal excrement), biowaste, kitchen and catering waste, sludges, etc. for your biogas plant.

Cost calculation

At Krieg & Fischer, we routinely prepare detailed cost assessments (calculations) for all kinds of complete biogas plants. We can boast significant experience with a wide variety of components abroad too.


We can draw up the necessary permit applications (in accordance with building laws or BImSchG (Federal Emission Control Act)) for your biogas plant, or put together the necessary documentation. We discuss any permit issues and conditions with the relevant competent authorities. We have experience in negotiating successful permit procedures for more than 75 biogas plants of varying sizes.


We plan all kinds of biogas plants that involve the fermentation of solids such as biowaste, kitchen waste, energy crops, as well as liquids such as liquid manure, etc.

  • Planning for tailored biogas plants, adapted to your substrates
  • Preliminary, detailed and implementation planning for biogas plants
  • Planning for complete turnkey plants
  • Determination of process technology
  • Calculation of biogas potential
  • Detailed planning of heat exchangers, process control technology and complete E,I&C technology
  • Creation of the P&ID (flow charts)

Construction management

We construct agricultural farm-scale biogas plants as well as large industrial plants. We see ourselves as a service company for our customers. We take care of the entire organisation of the construction site and monitor all construction work on site on behalf of our customer, or take over the site management of your biogas project:

  • Construction and civil engineering work
  • Tank construction including equipment
  • Construction of delivery and preparation halls
  • Assembly/installation of pumps, pipes and associated equipment
  • Automation, electrical, instrumentation and control technology (E,I&C)
  • Hygienisation plants
  • Digestate processing plants
  • Gas utilisation plants
  • Gas processing and feed-in
  • Inspection and approval of the plant


We start-up all kinds of fermentation and biogas plants:

  • Cold start-up
  • Checking of components
  • Creation of the commissioning concept
  • Checking of the inoculation process and fermentation biology
  • Monitoring of the biogas production and biogas quality


We optimise existing biogas plants:

  • Optimisation of technology and efficiency
  • Optimisation of process technology
  • Optimisation of heat exchangers and combustion technology, for example
  • Optimisation of the process control and measurement technology
  • General optimisation of the overall biogas plant
  • Upgrading of safety devices to make them state-of-the-art

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