RIO CUARTO 1 Biogas Plant

LocationArgentina, Rio Cuarto
Construction Period2013/14
InputCorn silage, cattle manure
FermenterGlass coated steel tank, 4,580 m³
Gas utilizationGas engine, 1,200 kWel
Extension2017/2018 extension by a second digester and a second co-generator with 1,2 MWel), additional substrates: thin stillage/ "Vinasse", a residual material from ethanol production and cattle manure; change to mesophilic operation
SpecialsFirst biogas plant in Argentina using energy crops, gas holder above secondary digester, thermophilic operation, heat usage in Bioethanol plant




Basic evaluation, pre-, draft- and execution planning, tendering, participating in contract awarding process, site management/project controlling, start-up, training for operators

Video about construction of the biogas plant

Data sheetData sheet Rio Cuarto 1