HEILIGENGRABE Biomethan plant

Location Germany
Construction Period 2023 - 2024
Substrate corn silage, chicken dung, dry chicken dung, separated fermentation residue, cattle manure, process water
Fermenter 2 Steeltanks
Number of biogas plants 2 linked fermentation sections: change in substrate quantities and composition, new solids input; construction of a separation unit & biogas upgrading plant.
Installed capacity 4,98 MW
Plant engineering 2 connected fermentation sections, 2 fermenters, 1 secondary fermentation tank, gas-discharged fermentation residue storage; incl. hydrolysis tank
gas utilization 905 Nm³/h raw gas, feed into the gas grid


Basic evaluation; preliminary planning; design planning; approval planning, implementation planning

Insights into the conversion of two RNG plants projects.