JCBE DERBY Biogas Plant

LocationUK, Derby
Construction Period2017/2018
InputHydrolised Kitchen Cat. 2 (viscera)-, paper and cardboard waste (treated by TPH), water (recycled, rain, mains)
FermenterConcrete tank, 2 x 5,300 m³
Gas utilizationGas-upgrading system
SpecialsPretreament system: Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis (TPH) for input material, cooling tank with central agitator for reception of hot input material, substrate cooling system, two storage tanks, two digester and one secondary digester - all equipped with double membrane gas holder roof, biogas upgrading system
ResponsibilityBasic evaluation, pre-, draft- and execution planning, tendering, participating in contract awarding process, site management/project controlling, start-up, operator training and instruction
DatasheetDatasheet JCBE DERBY