RIO CUARTO II Biogas Plant

LocationRio Cuarto, Argentina
Construction Period2017/18
InputThin stillage, a residual material from bioethanol production
FermenterSteel tank, (glass coated) 8,000 m³
Gas utilizationBiogas output: 6MW;
2 x 1.2 MWel in CHP; option to use in a boiler for heat production
SpecialsReception tank for aggressive media (pH, temperature), main digester with central agitator, secondary digester with gas holder roof, external desulphurization, heat usage in bioethanol plant
ResponsibilityBasic evaluation, pre-, draft- and execution planning, tendering, participating in contract awarding process, site management/project controlling, start-up, training of operators
DatasheetDatasheet RIO CUARTO II