Biogas plant tailor-made by Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH

Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH: Methanation - Bio SNG from biogas plants

Biogas plant DINTELOORD/ Netherlands

Bioethanol: An interview with Biogas Channel

Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH: Successful for 10 years in the fermentation of sugar beets

 Construction of a biogas plant in fast motion - Biogas from sugar industry residues - Dinteloord

Biogasanlage  BELGOROD/ Russia

Energy from waste - a biogas plant for Russia. Built in 2011 by Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH and the video was broadcast on "Deutschland Welle" on 10.04.2013. The BELGOROD waste fermentation plant was commissioned in 2012 and uses, among other things, slaughterhouse waste, corn silage and sewage sludge.