IM BRAHM Biogas Plant

Construction Period2005
InputPig manure, kitchen waste, horse dung
FermenterConcrete Tank, 1,205 m3
Gas utilizationGas engine, 2 x 190 kWel + 2 x 190 kWel extensions

2010: Additional digester and a third CHP (190 kWel)

2011: Fourth CHP (190 kWel)

2013: Storage tank with gas holder roof (6,000 m³)

2016: Digestate separation

SpecialsDigester mixed with side-mounted mixers, gas holders on top of all tanks, secondary digester, storage tanks, heat utilisation (pasteurisation kitchen waste, heating of buildings and the nearby Schlosshotel)
ResponsibilityBasic evaluation, pre-, draft-, approval and execution planning, tendering, participating in contract awarding process, site management/project controlling, start-up
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