Drawing up of expert reports and studies

Raphael Thies has been a recognised publicly appointed expert in the field of biogas since 2016. This has enabled Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH to add the drawing up of expert reports to its range of services, e.g. for legal proceedings and insurance companies.

Expert opinion

Drawing up of expert opinions, e.g. for legal proceedings and insurance companies. Drawing up of risk assessments, explosion protection documents and hazardous incident concepts for your biogas plant.

Studies and research

We carry out technical and economic investigations and analyses:

  • Studies on the influence of various input substrates
  • Preliminary studies, preliminary planning and start of construction
  • Investigations of the optimum process technology
  • Investigations of the impact of the fermentation substrate after spreading it on the field
  • Investigations of the improvement of existing plants
  • Participation in research projects (e.g. trace element deficiencies in the mono-fermentation of maize silage)