Construction Period2004
InputPig dung, turkey dung, grass, corn silage and clover grass mixture
FermenterConcrete tank, 350 m3
Gas utilizationGas Engine, 60 kWel
SpecialsDigester mixed with top-mounted mixer, gas holder above secondary digester, external heat exchanger, heat utilisation
ResponsibilityConception, Detailed and Final Engineering, Supervision of Construction, Start-up
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This biogas plant is located on the HOFGUT HOLLAND farm and is operated by Helen and Hans Holland. It is an organic farm and follows Naturland regulations. The input substrate is from the farm only. To help to meet the fertilizer needs of the farm, grass with a high nitrogen concentration is added to the digester. As a result, the digested substrate is an organic fertiliser with a high level of available nitrogen: ammonia (NH4+). Surplus hot water heat from the gas engine is used to heat two farm houses. The electricity is delievered to the public grid and is paid for according to German Renewable Energy Law. Start-up of the digester was in the spring of 2005.