Agricultural biogas plants

Agricultural biogas plants include biogas plants operated with liquid manure, dung, crop residues or energy crops. The spectrum ranges from simple biogas plants for using liquid manure to plants that are used exclusively for the digestion of energy crops.

The liquid manure is collected in a pit near the digester and from there it is loaded intermittently by pump. Due to the mostly high water content of pure liquid manure, the energy yield is relatively small in relation to the digester volume. Adding other substrates therefore significantly increases the energy yield, and thus the efficiency. In agricultural biogas plants, crop or feed residues or specifically cultivated energy crops are used as substrates.


Here is a list of some of the agricultural biogas plants we have implemented:

Reference projects:

  • Basiliano (Italy): 2012, 625 kWel: triticale and corn silage
  • Neissetal (Germany): 2011, 716 kWel; liquid pig manure and dung, cattle dung, alfalfa silage, corn silage, sugar beet
  • Falkenstein (Germany): 2008, 1,432 kWel; corn silage, sweet sorghum silage, whole crop silage
  • Wiesenau (Germany): 2007, 1,052 kWel: liquid cattle manure, cattle dung, grain, corn silage
  • Böckermann (Germany): 2005, 1,072 kWel, corn silage