Types of biogas plants

Agricultural biogas plants

Agricultural biogas plants include biogas plants that are operated with liquid manure, dung, crop residues or energy crops. The spectrum ranges from simple biogas plants for the use of liquid manure to plants for the sole fermentation of energy crops.

Industrial biogas plants

Industrial plants mainly use residues from their own production and use them to generate energy in the form of heat and/or electricity. This is a win-win situation. Such residues and by-products include, for example, waste from the sugar and potato industry, slaughterhouse waste, but also product waste such as stillage, e.g. from the ethanol industry.

Biogas plants for biowaste

Biogas plants for biowaste are also industrial biogas plants; they differ primarily in the input material. These are food scraps and kitchen waste, as well as municipal biowaste, often in combination with other input substrates such as sewage sludge. These wastes do not consist exclusively of organic matter and therefore require special process technology.