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Ground breaking ceremony for a waste digestion plant in the Netherlands

In The Netherlands a highly sophisticated biogas plant for the digestion of waste will be realized by Suiker Unie until 2012. Krieg & Fischer is commissioned with the engineering and construction of the plant. In Dinteloord 18 Million Cubic meters of biogas will be produced, upgraded, and fed into the gas grid. Substrates for energy production are sugar beets, potato steam peels, pressed chicoree pulp and pre-fried potatoe pieces from the production of Suiker Unie. Per year 136,800 tons of biomass will be fermented in 4 steel digesters with a capacity of 4,000 m³ each. During ground breaking ceremony Torsten Fischer presented Teun van der Weg (Suiker Unie) and Adrie Suijkerbuijk (Suiker Unie) some digestate as symbolic act as to be seen on the picture.

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