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Biogas Made in Germany

While the construction of biogas plants is stagnating in Germany, the situation is different abroad: In 2012 Krieg & Fischer planned, engineered and constructed biogas plants in several countries all over the world: In Russia we completed the first industrial waste digesting plant in Belgorod. This can be seen in a short film.Despite there is no compensation for regenerative electricity fed to the grid, Krieg & Fischer is commissioned to engineer the first agricultural biogas plant using energy crops with a size of 1.2 MW electrical power in Argentina. In India Anupam Jalote with the company „Greenoil“ has themselves honored as Greenovator. This biogas plant for the digestion of waste will soon be in operation. In Japan the existing biogas plant (Sansui en-2) will be enlarged.All these biogas plant are engineered by Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH and made in Germany.Additionally there are several expert opinions done by Torsten Fischer, who is accredited from the Chamber of Engineers of Germany as expert witness in the field of biogas. In China Krieg & Fischer is active as consultant for GIZ

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