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JCBE DERBY Biogas Plant

LocationUK, Derby
Construction Period2017/2018
InputKitchen and slaughterhouse waste, waste paper and cardboard (treated by TPH)
FermenterConcrete tank, 2 x 5,300 m³
Gas utilizationGas-upgrading system
SpecialsPretreament system: Thermal Pressure Hydrolysis (TPH) for input material, reception tank for hot substrates, cooling tank with central agitator for reception of hot input material, substrate cooling system, two storage tanks, two digester and secondary digester all equipped with double membrane gas holder roof, biogas upgrading system, nitrogen removal from process water recycle loop
ResponsibilityBasic evaluation, pre-, draft- and execution planning, tendering, participating in contract awarding process, site management/project controlling, start-up, operator training and instruction