What is biogas

Biogas is produced through the decomposition of organic substances by bacteria. At the end of this microbial food chain, biogas is generated as a metabolite. At 50-85%, combustible methane, in addition to carbon dioxide, is a major constituent of biogas and is the actual renewable energy source. This natural decomposition process also takes place in anaerobic zones in the soil, in lakes and ponds, but also in tanks for sewage sludge and in landfills (landfill gas).

Therefore a biogas plant is a system for decentralised renewable energy generation. Find out more....


Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH can develop the optimum biogas plant for all your fermentable substrates:

Agricultural Substrates

Organic industrial waste

Biowaste and kitchen waste

Just tell us about your substrates! We will prepare an energy calculation for you free of charge, plus a cost assessment for your individual, customised biogas plant!

Types of biogas plants

Agricultural biogas plant

Industrial biogas plant

Digestion plant for biowaste and kitchen waste

Site view biogas plant
Biogas plant Wiesenau
Biogas plant Forcate