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  Fermentation of paper and straw with thermo-pressure- hydrolysis (TPH) in Derby, England
  Jones Celtic BioEnergy (JCBE) awarded K&F the contract for planning a biogas plant for (amongst others) fermenting kitchen-, market- and slaughterhouse waste as well as waste paper in Derby, England. For the waste pre-treatment a flexible thermo-pressure hydrolysis of the company AeroThermal Group will be used – in contrast to systems used for sludge treatment; this system is able to also pre-treat solid, polluted substrates. Complex organic structures as for example in lignocellulose bio mass (paper, waste) are digested by high pressure and high temperature. This pre-treatment accelerates the upcoming fermentation process through microorganisms so that digester volumes are used more effectively. Furthermore, this treatment complies with all criteria for the hygienic use of slaughterhouse waste. In the face of the shortage of fossil raw materials the use of bio mass from waste is playing an increasing role. In the future 50.000 tons of waste per year from the Derby region is going to be transformed into 11 million cubic meters of biogas which will then be treated into bio methane to be fed into the local natural gas grid. With almost 3 megawatt the planned JCBE Derby biogas plant is a big waste fermentation plant, going to be operational in 2018.

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  At GREENEXPO in Kiev
  Our booth at Greenexpo KievFor the first time, we (Krieg and Fischer Ingenieure) exhibit our business activities of the worldwide planning of tailor-made, industrial, communal and agricultural biogas plants at the GREENEXPO in Kiev (April 11 – April 14 2017), a trade exhibition for alternative energies in the Ukraine. Together with the Ukrainian company Ecodevelop, we exhibit at our stand (Location FE22). We are looking forward to your visit at our stand.

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  Workshop Biogas in SerbiaKrieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH was commissioned by GIZ to develop sustainable concepts for three typical biogas projects for Serbia within the framework of the BMZ project "Development of a sustainable bioenergy market in Serbia": a biogas plant for a mid-size typical dairy farm, a poultry farm and a food processor with an existing network of suppliers. For each project, the optimal plant size for the given substrates was determined and the most suitable anaerobic digestion process developed. The three typical concepts were summarized in a written report and was presented on a Workshop in Belgrade

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  Raphael Thies newly appointed Managing Director
  Raphael Thies newly appointed Managing DirectorKrieg & Fischer Ingenieure prepares for the future. Alongside founder and shareholder Torsten Fischer, Raphael Thies will, as of now, take up the position of an additional Managing Director.Mr. Thies already works for Krieg & Fischer for 10 years. Starting out as an engineer in the field of planning and processing, he now also works in the field of sales. Within the last few years Raphael Thies expanded his professional qualifications e.g. in the field of occupational health and safety and became a sworn in publicly appointed expert in the field of biogas. “I am very much looking forward to my new duties and challenges” said Raphael Thies. “With Raphael Thies we have an experienced specialist with great knowledge within the biogas sector and within our company on the one hand and a young, dynamic engineer with new ideas on the other hand. I am looking forward to our further collaboration and wish him success in his new position” said Torsten Fischer, hitherto sole Managing Director of Krieg & Fischer.

  Biogas from bio waste in Argentina – two new orders
  Biogas from bio waste ? energy recovery from biomass fuel plant's waste products in ArgentinaTowards the end of the year 2016 contracts were signed between our engineering office Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH and Biomass Crop S.A. from Argentina. The order includes the planning and building of an industrial bio waste digestion plant (Rio Cuarto 2) which is to be fed with so called “Vinasse” (distillation residue) – a residual material from ethanol production out of corn. The second order includes the extension of the agricultural biogas plant in Argentina (Rio Cuarto) which we already built in 2013. This plant is to be fed with corn silage and manure.90 % of Argentina’s energy demand is covered through fossil fuels. However, through the strongly developed biomass fuel sector this branch of industry shows high potential for the energy recovery of residual materials. Biomass fuel plant’s waste products become substrates for biogas plants (energy and heat generation in cogeneration), representing a further step in the value added chain and consequently in the reduction of the dependence from natural gas imports.

  Third biogas plant in China in operation
  Third biogas plant in China / Wuhu with kitchen waste put into operationWith the bio waste plant in Wuhu, Krieg & Fischer’s third biogas plant in China goes into operation. In all three biogas plants, kitchen waste is fermented in two upright digesters. Biogas is treated and used directly in Chinese households. Currently, the tanks and the piping are finished. Some remaining work, e.g. the EMSR technology, are planned to be finished by December.

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  Grand opening of FUKUOKA biogas plant in Japan
  Grand opining of Fukuoka biogas plant in JapanOn 20th May 2016 the biogas plant in FUKUOKA, Japan was inaugurated, operations will start in December 2017. For Krieg & Fischer it is the fourth biogas plant planned and built in Japan, together with our partner Eco Heart. The 2 megawatt plant is laid out to digest about 60.000 tons of kitchen waste and leftovers per annum. Therewith 7.800.343 cubic meters of biogas will be produced per annum, converted into electricity through two CHPs with a respective capacity of 1.056 kWel.

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  Fair trade in TOKIO and MUENICH, N-Expert and IFAT
  Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH will present themselves in TOKYO and MUNICH at the fair trades N-EXPO 2016 and IFAT.IFAT is the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. The fair trade will be held from 30 May to 3 June in Munich, Germany. You will find us there in hall B3, place 100.Together with our partner ECO HEART Inc. we will be at the “New Environmental Exposition” N-EXPO 2016 in Tokyo, Japan from 24 – 27 May.

  Sino-German BioEnergy Annual Conference 2015
  Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH will be represented at the biogas fair: "Sino-German BioEnergy" in China. (Exhibition hall state C6). The fair will take place from December 15 to 16 in the South of China in Guangzhou and serves to improve the communication and cooperation between China and Germany. On December 15, also the East-South Asia Bio-Energy Seminar takes place. Organizers of the fair are the DLG Beijing Agricultural Technology Service Co. Ltd., China Biogas Society (CBS), and Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion Chinese Academy of Sciences (GIEC).

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  Commissioning of a Biogas Plant in China
  Biogas plant in China QinhuangdaoThe biogas plant Qinhuangdao for the digestion of kitchen waste (165 t/d), in the east of China, is in operation. The industrial biogas plant consist of two digesters, hydrolyses tanks and a pretreatment with hammer mill and hydrocyclone. The produced biogas (470m³/h) is treated to the required bio methane quality and be used as vehicle fuel.

  N-Expo 2015 in Tokyo, Japan
  Also this year Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH will again participate together with our partner ECO HEART Inc. as exhibitor at the fair N-EXPO 2015 in Tokyo, Japan from May 26 – 29. You will find us in East hall 4, booth F 4009

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  Biogas Demonstration Project in China
  Krieg & Fischer becomes again active in China. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture Krieg & Fischer together with our partner HEEE will consult the implementation of the Sino-German Biogas Demonstration Project in Yutian near Beijing. The goal of the project is to implement German Biogas Technology in Chinese Biogas plants as demonstration of good practice and as contribution to economic cooperation between China and Germany

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  BIOGAS – International Convention and Trade Fair in Bremen
  The 24th BIOGAS International Convention with the world’s biggest trade fair for biogas takes place in Bremen from January 27 to 29, 2015. We look forward to meeting you at our stand (hall 4 – 320).More information about the Trade Fair

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  Krieg & Fischer active in China: Biogas Plant start-up
  Biogas Plant QinhuangdaoFor years Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH has been active on the Asian market and since 2010 in China. 2013 the construction of the Biogas Plant Qinhuangdao for kitchen waste began and shortly this plant will be start-up. The client is Beijing Fairyland Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.The planning and supervision of construction of the biogas plant Qinhuangdao with a capacity 150t/d of kitchen waste, has been taken by Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH. The kitchen waste is being crushed in a hammer mill, where after contaminants are being separated in a hydrocyclone. The substrate lands in two black steel welded digesters, each with a volume of 3,400 m³. The generated biogas is collected in gas storage tank. The resulting biomethan (gas utilization) is being used for the mobility

  Biogas Plant in Japan start-up
  Biogas Plant in JapanThe biogas plant SANSUI-EN 2 in Japan (Daisan), which is engineered and constructed by Krieg & Fischer, starts operation on August 20. Then the digester with a volume of 5,000 m³ is fed with industrial kitchen waste, fats and sewage sludge for the first time. The electricity produced in two gas engines, with an electrical power of 370 kWel each, is fed into the public grid. Owner and operator of the plant is Sanui-en Inc. Krieg & Fischer engineered and constructed their first biogas plant in Japan in Tottori in 1999.

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  Fair trade in TOKIO and MUENICH, N-Expert and IFAT
  Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure GmbH will present themselves in TOKYO and MUNICH at the fair trades N-EXPO 2014 and IFAT.IFAT is the world's leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. The fair trade will be held from 5 to 9 May in Munich, Germany. You will find us there in hall B3, place 100.Together with our partner ECO HEART Inc. we will be at the 23rd “New Environmental Exposition” N-EXPO 2014 in Tokyo, Japan from 27 – 30 May.

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  Participation in Biogas Convention and Trade Fair in Germany (Nuremberg) 2014
  The 23 annual conference of the German Biogas Association took place in Nuremberg from January 14 to 16, 2014. Krieg & Fischer Ingenieure was represented with an own booth. We informed visitors of the work of the company and about our current projects in Russia, China and Japan and our international partnerships in the biogas sector. We welcomed many visitors from all over the world.

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